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Interest piqued but you still have questions? Let me see if I can help…

What is life coaching?

I believe that life coaching is a process of inviting people who feel stuck, lost, or strangled on a journey to identify why they feel that way and then to help them find the resources to make choices that will set them free. This involves delving beyond the surface of life and into a person’s center, inviting them to speak their truth from that place. This often means identifying what is not currently satisfying and meaningful to them, and what they wish existed in that space instead.

Speaking what is true brings people to a strong place, and so I help people find their strength. To get to that true, strong place, involves a deep dive into the center of who a person is, and so I help people find their center. And when someone learns to live — to make choices from — the center, they find a life that they had only dreamed of before.

What is your coaching style?

My job, as a life coach, is to walk beside you as you tackle some of your life’s big questions. I will do that by creating a safe place where you can explore these questions by telling the truth about the life you have and the life you want.

I will come to each session focused and ready to give you my intentional attention. I will bring my whole self to our work, leaving nothing outside the session and cutting nothing off.

From that fully-present place, I will listen to you, and not just to the words that you say but to the way you look at me, your expressions and your posture and all of your nonverbal cues that I can see. Then, I will ask you questions — not just any questions, but questions that will help you reflect on what you’ve said and how you’ve lived, and how you want to change that for the future.

I will offer you my own insights, as I see them and as it seems appropriate. I believe that you have what it takes to find your own way, and when I can offer an observation or a variant point of view that may help you do that, I will.

I will also offer you work to do between our sessions. I hope the sessions are catalysts that spur you toward growth, but that growth will be faster and more dynamic if you work with yourself outside of our sessions, too. So I will give you exercises and projects that will help you come to your next session with even more to look at and explore.

What does a typical session look like?

I plan an hour for each life coaching session, even though sometimes we don’t need that much time and sometimes we need a bit more. At the beginning of each session, we will connect via Skype. I’ll give you a chance to shake off the dust from your day, if you need to do that, and then we will dive in.

Most sessions start with a question – either one that you bring, or one that we have agreed on previously (for instance, something that didn’t get fully addressed in our last session). I’ll give you a chance to tell me where you’re at with the question, and then we will work from there.

I will ask you good questions, tell you the truth straight up when I think you need to hear it, and give you exercises to work on between sessions. We may refer to some of the articles and information I’ve put in your online toolbox, or use one of the tools I’ve sent you in your toolkit.

With 10-15 minutes left in the session, we will begin to wrap it up. We’ll work together to summarize what we covered and give you a chance to focus on your takeaways, as well as your next steps. By the time we sign off, you should have a good idea of what you learned, what you are processing, and what you want to work through for our next session.

What will be in my online toolbox?

The online toolbox consists of any number of ditigal resources that I believe might help you out as we journey together. These include articles, blog posts, pictures, photos, music, videos, and more. There are a few of these that I share with almost every client, but most of them will be tailored to your specific needs, questions, and desires. You will be given access to them via Dropbox, and you can download them or access them as you desire.


What is in the "Next Steps" PDF?

The “Next Steps” PDF is a document I will send you that outlines what we have decided, in your coaching sessions, are your next steps. You will receive 1, 2, or 3 of these during our time together, depending on which coaching package you choose. The PDF is designed to help you focus on moving forward and reaching your goals, even when we are between meetings or have finished our time together. It will serve as a reminder of where you were, what you have worked through, and where you are going next.

What is a toolkit?

A toolkit is a packaget that I will send you through the mail. It will contain various tools that I believe will help you on your journey. The toolkit is entirely personalized; each one is different, and is based upon our conversations and other interactions. Every piece of your toolkit will be aimed to help you reach a specific goal. Each toolkit will contain 3-4 items.

Past toolkits have included mala prayer beads, finger labryinths, various books, massage tools, journals and pens, various craft and art projects, and more. There isn’t much that is off limits here, and I try to be as creative and as specific as possible in choosing items that will be meaningful and helpful for you.

We will cover the contents of your toolkit in one of our sessions together. I’m happy to explain why I chose the items I did, how they tie into your goals as we have discussed them, and how I envision them helping you on the way. We can spend as much or as little time as you choose working through this part of the process.

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For any other questions, please write me at sarah@sarahwinfrey.com.