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I Believe


I believe in the miracle of her hands, from tiny clenched fists to clumsy little mitts to capable and drawing and zipping and buttoning.


I believe in the miracle of his smile, how one little boy can win over a room, stop a game of rough and tumble tag, melt a mama’s heart.

I believe in the miracle if her motion, yet unseen, and how it rumbles up from deep in the middle of me, unexpected, welcome.

I believe in the miracle of a man’s heart, how the broadest-shouldered man I know is both the strongest and the gentlest, and how those don’t ever cancel out each other.


I believe in the miracle of light, how letting in the brightness of a day changes us, molds us into a people softer, gentler, kinder.

I believe in the miracle of kindness, how a word or a touch can change a mood, a day, and even a life.

I believe in the miracle of welcoming, of opening self to self so we can love and live and change.

I believe in the miracle of bravery, that a person can stare down those things that make them most afraid and find glory on the other side.

I believe in the miracle of every day, the one that says there’s gold in these here hills, the ones right in front of us, if only we can find it.

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  1. lisafromcanada says:

    I’m oh so glad that you’re writing, and letting us “hear” these thoughts of yours.  Love you friend!

  2. JamieBonilla says:

    wow. so beautiful. your beliefs and how you say it. clicked over from emily’s place, and thought “i think i know that girl from biola” ha. we have 11 mutual friends on fb. guess so. do you still live in the area? funny that it took a girl in canada for me to get a glimpse of your lovely writing, when we have that much shared history :)

      • JamieBonilla says:

        @aegialia  @JamieBonilla yes *shyly* i am just beginning my first forays into creative writing (i was in margit’s NURSING class at biola -ha- never wrote a creative thing in my life until about a year ago when i started exploring poetry and art journaling, and now i’m taking an ecourse on “story” so i’m learning & playing & fighting & loving it! :) the braveone.blogspot.com

        • aegialia says:

          @JamieBonilla I love it! What a sweet place. I love your focus on bravery . . . though I always find it harder to be brave in daily life than to do big, brave things :)

  3. wow, this is amazing! my heart sings with you, as you believe in so many things that we share. that miracle of the broad-shouldered man, that wonder of the light in the eyes of your child…ahh, yes, I taste this too.

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