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Once Upon a Time There was a Girl…

Her name was Arden. Arden Ainsley Winfrey, and she was perfect. Tiny, so, so dear, and perfect.

She was much-awaited and dearly loved, a precious baby-gift with dark blonde hair, a pink pearl mouth, and a passion soft clothes and soft holds.

She is wonderful, and she is ours.


Arden was born at home on Wednesday, May 15th, at 5:39 pm. I had about three and a half hours of not-so-intense labor, an hour of significantly more intense labor, and about 30 minutes of dreadfulness. And then there was Arden, born in the caul, born so quickly and relaxed that it took her several minutes to even realize she’d come out.

“Arden” means “valley of the Eagles”, and we hope for her that the particular combination of peace and power conveyed there becomes hers.

“Ainsley” means “one’s own meadow” or “hermitage by the meadow”, and we love the way it combines with Arden to give an image of rest, of outside and of space and of a place for her to be.

May you journey well, smallest one.


  1. lisafromcanada says:

    eeee!!!! I love the meanings of her names.  I loved the names even before I knew the meanings, but I love them more now.  Welcome sweet girl!  You are very loved.

  2. JoelleChase says:

    Welcome, beautiful girl! May you grow into the rich meaning of your name–both given and inherent.

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