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Build a Custom Coaching Package



If you’ve read about the other packages and don’t feel like one of them is for you, or there are details of your situation that prevent one of them from fitting your needs, we can build a package just for you.

You can choose how long we work together, from an individual session up to a year. I do work with clients longer than that, but I’ve found it works best to create the space to reevaluate the relationship at least that often.


You will also get to choose how frequently we meet. If your schedule means that you can only meet once or twice a month, we can build around that. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more intensive coaching relationship, we can also create that for you.


The method of our sessions will also be up to you. I usually meet with clients via Skype, but we can also arrange to hold our sessions via Vox or even email. If you don’t have reliable Internet access or are uncomfortable with video calls, we can absolutely still work together!


Finally, you get to choose which, if any, of the “extras” you would like to add on to your package. This includes access to a personalized online tool library, a “Next Steps” PDF, personalized mailed toolkits, and how often you want access to me via Vox, email, and text message.


Once we determine what you need and want, I will put the package together and name your price. Payment options are available upon request, and can also be written into your package deal.


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